Trinova cutting ring

Flexible under highest pressure

Trinova - probably the greatest innovation since 1887

The Blanke Trinova cutting ring is a sealing ring with three cutting edges and soft sealing elements on the inside and on the outside diameter area opposite the screw connection face. This three-edged sealing ring is a consequent further development of our double-edged cutting ring, which has proven itself a million times over, and takes full account of the needs of the market in terms of tightness and increased working pressure.
The three cutting edges hold the pipe in place even at the highest pressures, vibrations and frequent changes in pressure load, so that it is practically impossible to tear out the cutting ring. In addition to the increased pressure resistance, the soft seals achieve an environmentally friendly impermeability.




until 2015

Series production

since 2016

Cross-section of a mounted Trinova cutting ring

On both sides of the assembled cutting ring can be seen. On the left side, only the neck and the nut is cut open. While on the right side of the cutting ring is cut.

Cross section 1

Only the neck and the nut were cut open to see how the cutting ring between the components is firmly seated. Due to the two O-rings which are seated inside as well as outside of the cutting ring, the lack of attention is also taken care of.

Cross section 2

In this cross-section, all three components were cut, nozzle, nut, and the cutting ring. It can be clearly seen that also cuts in the rear of the cutting ring in the pipe. Also, the second O-ring in the inner workings of the cutting ring can be seen.